🐳 How to logout from Docker registry?  – IT is good

🐳 How to logout from Docker registry? – IT is good

Exiting the Docker registry

Docker is one of the best containerization tools used in many industries to help you build, test, and deploy applications in an efficient manner without depending on the target environment.

docker images can be placed either in

a private docker registry that is maintained by individual organizations, or certain images can be hosted on a public docker registry that is available to anyone.

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Docker images can be downloaded from the target docker registry as needed.

In this article, we will look at how to exit the docker registry.

Understanding the docker logout command

Logging out of Docker is only possible through the command line.

The docker logout command allows you to log out of the docker registry.

To learn more about what this command is used for, type the following command

$ docker logout --help


Usage:  docker logout [SERVER]
Log out from a Docker registry.
If no server is specified, the default is defined by the daemon.

What does the docker logout command do?

The command is used to exit the docker registry located on the specified server.

The server value can be either a URL or a hostname.

If you don’t specify a server value, the command will try to exit the public registry, which is located here by default −

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$ docker logout


Removing login credentials for 

Exit registry on localhost

To exit the registry on localhost, you can use the following command.

$ docker logout localhost:8080


Removing login credentials for localhost:8080

How to remove docker credentials

By default, each time you enter the docker registry, the command saves the credentials along the path $HOME/.docker/config.json base64 encoded.

To remove docker credentials, you need to remove the entry in $HOME/.docker/config.json


I hope this article has helped you better understand the docker logout command.

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