Black Friday 2022 - Roidmi Eva - Bon plan

120 euros savings on the Roidmi Eva robot

Member of the Xiaomi ecosystem, the manufacturer Roidmi is taking advantage of Black Friday to offer a discount of 120 euros on the most advanced model in its catalog: the Roidmi Eva robot!

The characteristics of the Roidmi Eva

The Roidmi Eva is part of this new generation of “all-in-one” robot to clean your home, because it is not limited to its suction function. Indeed, it is able to wash the ground thanks to its two rotating mops who perform 180 revolutions per minute and who will be automatically cleaned by the robot station. Finally, this robot can vacuum, wash or vacuum and washdepending on your needs at the time.

In terms of the key characteristics of this model, we can list: its suction power of 3200 Pa, navigation via a laser sensor (LiDAR), the fact that it can be controlled remotely from a mobile application with management a map of your home (which opens up other possibilities), its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Mi Home and Google Assistant, as well as its 5,200 mAh battery.

The laser sensor plays an essential role since it will allow the robot to detect and avoid objects on the ground, but also walls, furniture. It also relies on its various sensors to organize its route and generate a map of your accommodation. Thanks to this map visible in the application, the user can create zones corresponding to the real rooms of the dwelling, but also create virtual zones to be excluded. Today, this function is essential.

The Roidmi Eva robot is accompanied by a very complete base, since it is not only used to recharge the battery of the device. Indeed, it will allow it to automatically empty its dust tank, but also to clean the rotating mops. For this, the base incorporates a clean water tank and a tank to accommodate dirty water. After cleaning the mops, the base will dry them so that the robot is ready for the next cleaning session. Attention, the very imposing base so if you are looking for a discreet and compact model, go your way!

Currently, I am testing this model, so here are some pictures taken by me.

It should be noted that all the accessories shown in the photo above are aftermarket accessories. In particular, there are 4 dust bags for the robot station. It is appreciable and it is not systematic with some competitors.

Good plan Roidmi Eva

On paper, this model Roidmi Eva is very attractive and although its price is high, it is still attractive compared to other models on the market that have similar functions. This is all the more true as with this flash sale, the robot is sold for 679.99 euros instead of 799 euros on the ManoMano site. This offer is valid until November 28, 2022in the limit of the available stock.

To take advantage of it, or simply find out more, here is the link: Good plan Roidmi Eva.

Black Friday 2022 - Roidmi Eva

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