Le portage salarial

a form of employment intended for independent consultants!

A solution increasingly used by employees wishing to acquire financial independence, wage portage combines the autonomy of self-employed workers with the social protection granted to employees. It is accessible to many profiles and is subject to very strict regulations. Focus in this article on this form of employment which offers many advantages to employees.

What is wage portage?

Appeared during the 1980s, wage portage is a form of employment allowing employees to develop independent professional activities while maintaining their employee status. It is based on a tripartite relationship involving a wage portage structure such as theCEGELEM Company, a client company as well as a supported employee. It obliges these different parties to conclude a certain number of contracts. It could be :

  • A porting agreement which provides, among other things, information on the collective agreement applicable to the employee carried,
  • An employment contract that may be for a fixed or indefinite period,
  • A mission contract which mentions the conditions under which the activities must be carried out.

On the other hand, remember that wage portage is aimed at all people wishing to exercise a professional activity as an individual entrepreneur. It is intended in particular for executives, active retirees, engineers, job seekers and young graduates. In addition, it is compatible with the digital, web, coaching, IT or human resources professions. The same applies to those related to health, management, communication, training, marketing and audits. On the other hand, it is not accessible to people exercising a commercial activity or a liberal profession such as the profession of chartered accountant.

Finally, many conditions must be met to carry out professional activities in wage portage. The most essential are the justification of experience, motivation or the ability to find solutions adapted to customer problems.

The benefits of wage portage

The benefits of wage portage are legion. They range from simplified administrative management to social benefits and the right to training.

Simplified administrative management

In addition to allowing employees to maintain their independence, the portage salarial also frees them from any administrative task (customer follow-up, invoicing, accounting, etc.). These are carried out by umbrella companies who are also able to take care of their legal or financial declarations. This allows supported employees to better develop their activities while having a much calmer mind.


Like traditional employees, carried employees are able to enter into fixed-term or indefinite-term contracts. This gives them benefits that are identical to those of other employees. Thus, by opting for wage portage, you will also be able to benefit from unemployment insurance, paid holidays, pension contributions as well as professional liability insurance. Similarly, you will be able to benefit from insurance for the prevention of risks related to business travel.

The right to vocational training

Apart from their other obligations, wage portage companies are also required to support their sponsored employees by having them participate in professional training. The latter must aim to broaden their knowledge while leading them to boost their turnover.

On the other hand, by partnering with certain PEOs, you will be able to access their networks of contractors which are usually made up of several ported consultants. This allows you to benefit from their experience, their advice, several opportunities and many other things.

To choose a payroll company, many criteria must be taken into consideration. One of the first of these is the assessment of its main needs. Then, it will be necessary to look for the companies likely to meet these needs by favoring those which are close to you.

Also, after finding these companies, find out if they are actually licensed to carry out such activity in order to avoid many problems in the future. Also, make sure they have a financial guarantee to cover the payment of allowances, salaries, contributions or reimbursements.

Finally, it is also essential to check their seniority, their turnover and their responsiveness to be sure to find partners who are available, but also trustworthy.


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