TOO 2022 - Alternative à Teams - Made in France

a French alternative to Teams!

Soon an alternative to Microsoft Teams made in France? In any case, this is the joint project that three French companies have just launched: Tixeo, Oodrive and Olvid.

The challenge will not be easy to meet: Microsoft Teams is a very complete tool, which combines videoconferencing, chat, and file sharing, while allowing integration with other applications, in particular everything that runs around Office 365. Nevertheless, we have the right to believe in it and we can only encourage this initiative by Tixeo, Oodrive and Olvid.

In short, here is some information about these companies:

  • Tixeo : company based in Montpellier which develops a secure and collaborative videoconferencing solution (official site)
  • Oodrive : Paris-based company that develops solutions around data sharing, backup storage and electronic signature (official site)
  • Olvid : Paris-based company that develops a secure instant messaging solution, which is an alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram if we want to cite examples (official site)

The solutions of these companies are certified by ANSSI and they host their data in France (even if we can suspect it, it is good to specify it).

According to Cédric Sylvestre, co-founder of Olvid, this new project, baptized “TOO 2022″ does not aim ” to systematically replace the offers already in place, such as those of Microsoft or Google, but to supplement them by offering a reliable alternative to ensure the protection and total confidentiality of sensitive data “. The idea is clear: offer a sovereign alternative to the Microsoft Teams solutionas well as other solutions such as Google’s.

The statement of Renaud Ghia, co-founder and CEO of Tixeo, goes in this direction: “ This consortium is the unique opportunity to bring together three technical expertise and common values ​​of innovation and sovereignty to offer the European market a real alternative in terms of collaborative platform and security. »

From now on, the three companies are working together on the project, whether on the ergonomics of the interface, the pure development or the various technical aspects. Proof that this project is well launched, a first preview of this solution is expected within the next 6 months! As for the first version, it is the second half of 2023 that is mentioned.

To learn more about this project, you will have to wait until October 12, 2022 : date on which the solution will be presented at the Assises de la Sécurité in Monaco.


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