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A hack at Adecco causing bank withdrawals?

The company Adecco, which specializes in temporary work, is said to have suffered a cyberattack which is not without consequences for many people under contract with an agency. Let’s do a check in.

Many people employed by Adecco have had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a deduction of 49.85 euros from their bank account. The name of the debtor: Solfex Sasu Francea company that apparently has no connection with the Adecco group itself, according to the information published.

Since November 8, samples have been taken and The list of victims keeps growing… Incidentally, a Facebook account named “Scam “solfex France sasu” problem with Adecco France“came into being and it already has more than 1,400 members ! This group is used to identify victims so you are invited to join it if you too have had this strange levy on your bank account. In addition, you must oppose it with your bank.

Reading this incident, one can think one thing: cybercriminals managed to recover the bank details of the temporary workers. However, for now the Adecco group does not talk about cyberattacks since the press release posted on November 11, 2022 specifies: “We immediately launched an internal investigation because the protection of the personal data of all our employees is a priority. All our teams are fully mobilized to understand the origin of this situation.“Since then, nothing.

On the other hand, the CFDT Adecco has another discourd as shown in the title of this publication: “Beware, Bank Fraud! Adecco had its employees’ banking data hacked.

Even if it is preferable to wait for an official return from Adecco, this story of direct debits is not very reassuring, especially since Adecco claims never to take direct debits from the account of its temporary workers.

If you have relatives who are temporary workers at Adecco, do not hesitate to spread the word.



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