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a new client in the form of a Progressive Web App

Microsoft has made a new announcement about Microsoft Teams for Linux users: From a browser, Teams is now available as a “Progressive Web App” (PWA). What is the point ? Let’s do a check in.

Even if the customer desktop Microsoft Teams for Linux has been available since 2019, benefiting from a version in the Progressive Web App form will allow Linux users to catch up. Indeed, this version based on the browser directly will make it possible to support functionalities which are not integrated into the thick client currently available under Linux. The Teams client for Linux being strongly out of step, functionally speaking, vis-à-vis the Windows version.

With this PWA version of Teams, theLinux users will be able to take advantage of new features as Microsoft explains : “The PWA offers access to more features, including custom backgrounds, gallery mode view, reactions, “raise your hand” feature in meetings, and large gallery and Together mode views.

The Redmond firm also explains that the PWA version will allow benefit from notifications when a new message is received in a conversationas well as for channels (a new mention, for example).

Microsoft is encouraging Linux users to switch to this new version of the Teams client. Be careful all the same, to take advantage of it you must use a compatible browserand there, Microsoft mentions Edge and Google Chrome. It is from the Teams web client that the user must generate the Teams PWA on his machine.

Microsoft Teams - PWA Linux
Source : Microsoft


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