Akamai - DDoS Record - Septembre 2022

Akamai breaks its own record in Europe

The Akamai company managed to do better than last July by mastering the biggest DDoS attack that Europe has known so far! Now, this record belongs to the date of September 12, 2022, but for how long?

As a reminder, Akamai is a company specializing in cloud services and cybersecurity.

On July 29, 2022, I wrote an article about a record DDoS attack blocked by Akamai. During this previous attack, there had been a peak at 659.6 million packets per secondwhile during the attack of September 12, 2022, which was also mastered by Akamai’s infrastructure, this peak reached 704.8 million packets per second. Or an additional 45.2 million.

This time what is the target? Well, it’s the same company as in the July attack : a customer of the Akamai company located in Eastern Europe. It turns out that cybercriminals are after this company since it is constantly the target of DDoS attacks. In fact, this number of attacks is increasing: Akamai detected and blocked 201 attacks in total, compared to 75 in July.

The source IP addresses used are also more numerous: 1813 IP addresses this time, against 512 previously. In his reportAkamai explains that in 60 seconds, the number of source IP addresses increased from 100 to 1813 active IP addresses per minute.

During this DDoS attack of September 12, 2022, cybercriminals changed their strategy sinceinstead of targeting the main data center of the company, they targeted 6 different data centers, located in Europe and North America. The company in question, whose name is unknown, has a total of 12 datacenters. The goal being to try to bring down some secondary resources, which aren’t necessarily critical, but can disrupt the business regardless.

To learn more, you can read Akamai’s report which compares the two DDoS attacks records.



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