Anonymat - Apple et le Directory Services Identifier

anonymity not respected because of this identifier?

For several years, Apple has made privacy protection one of its priorities. In fact, this has resulted in features, but also reassuring commercial slogans for users. But would this promise be wind?

Researchers from the Mysk company carried out work to determine precisely how Apple was using data from iPhone users. And, unfortunately, the results do not really go in the direction of Apple and this famous sentence: ” None of the information collected allows you to be personally identified. ».

It turns out that Apple would associate each user with an identification number called “Directory Services Identifier” and the latter would allow to know a lot about you, because it is linked to your Apple ID (iCloud account). Since this link exists, Apple is able to make the link between an identification number and personal information of a natural person: surname, first name, email address, date of birth and telephone number.

Bad news, because the promise of anonymity is obviously not held: Apple can identify you easily. The boss of the Mysk company claims that if Apple knows your ID number, it amounts to knowing your name. However, the collection of personal information carried out by Apple is against iPhone privacy policy. For the moment, Apple has not reacted to these revelations from Mysk.

I take advantage of this article to inform you of an annoying iCloud key bug on Windows: the app corrupts videos and seems to share your photos with other people. Indeed, many users have found that they have the ability to view some photos belonging to other users ! For the moment, and since there is no solution yet, it is better not to use iCloud on Windowsbecause this problem is still worrying.



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