Samsung - Fuite de données personnelles de clients - 2022

another data leak!

A new data leak at Samsung: the Korean company has just announced the compromise of its system. Cybercriminals have managed to steal customers’ personal information. Let’s do a check in.

Samsung said that its US-based systems had been compromised at the end of July 2022. However, it was not until August 4 that the company discovered that personal customer information had been accessed and exfiltrated from its network by cybercriminals.

What personal information are the attackers collecting? According to Samsung, these are not credit card numbers, but rather names, contact information, dates of birth, demographic information and Samsung product registration data within customer accounts. . The Korean company specifies that: “The affected information for each affected customer may vary.

Samsung advises its customers to be vigilant and offers the following tips:

  • Be cautious of any unsolicited communication that asks you for personal information or directs you to a web page asking for personal information.
  • Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments of suspicious emails.
  • Check your accounts for suspicious activity

It is clear that with such information, one can imagine a very personalized email that can reassure customers with the aim of trapping them: “Hello Mr. X, the warranty for your Samsung Galaxy S22 device purchased on XX/XX/XXXX being about to expire, we suggest you extend it by clicking on the link below“. Well, I don’t want to give bad ideas, either, but Samsung customers should beware!

This is the second time since the beginning of the year that Samsung has been the victim of a cyberattack leading to a data leak. In March 2022, Samsung had been a victim of the cybercriminal group LAPSU$hackers had uploaded 190 GB of data recovered from Samsung’s infrastructure!



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