Supprimer numéro et e-mail de Facebook

Ask Facebook to delete your number and email

Meta has posted a tool on Facebook that allows users to check the presence of their mobile phone number, landline or e-mail address in the American giant’s database. If this is the case, you have the option of requesting the immediate deletion of this information.

You must know that even if you don’t use Facebook, the social network may know your telephone number or your e-mail address. And yes, thanks to wonderful option synchronization of contacts: if someone close to you synchronizes their contacts with Facebook, the social network will receive your number (if we assume that you are in its directory) and therefore it retrieves this information from its database!

With this tool, Meta has quietly uploadedthe search can be performed on Facebook, Messenger, but also Instagram. Several sites, including The Hacker News and Business Insider have relayed the information in recent days. However, this tool appears online since at least May 29, 2022. Proof that Meta put it online, probably to respect certain laws, but without advertising it… Which is not surprising.

Where to find this tool? On Facebook !

This official tool is accessible on Facebook, for subscribers and non-subscribers. On the page of this tool, accessible via the link below, we can read: “A user may have uploaded their address book containing your contact details to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. You can check if we have your phone number or email address.

Meta - Facebook - Delete email and phone

If your details are present in the database, you can request the deletion and show that you do not want this information to be shared even if a contact synchronizes ! However, Meta specifies that the information will be kept in order to be added to the blacklist coordinates not to be “collected”. In other words, the information is still stored, but in another form…

To believe that the service is quite successful, because, personally, I haven’t yet managed to use it… I get an error every time… Or else, I never receive the validation code! And you, on your side?


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