Windows 11 22H2 - Bug Intel SST

be careful if you use Intel SST!

As a precaution and to prevent too many machines from being impacted, Microsoft has decided to block the upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 for certain machines equipped with the Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) driver. What’s going on ? Let’s do a check in !

The deployment of Windows 11 22H2 began on September 20, 2022 and many users have already made the decision to switch to this new version. I am one of these users, with a passage from Windows 11 21H2 to this one. Personally, it went well, but not everyone does.

Indeed, some users are not spoiled: following the installation of Windows 11 22H2, the system crashes displaying the famous blue screen of death (BSoD). On the Windows Health dashboard, Microsoft states: “Intel and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues with certain versions of drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) on 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Windows 11” – “Windows 11 devices with the affected Intel SST driver may receive an error with a blue screen.

All machines equipped with the Intel SST driver are not concerned, since it depends on the version of the driver corresponding to the “IntcAudioBus.sys” file. Microsoft clarifies:The affected driver is named Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Audio Controller under System Devices in Device Manager and has the file name IntcAudioBus.sys, along with a file version of or

Is there a solution?

Microsoft recommends affected users not to force the update with the Media Creation Tool or from Windows Update. It is best to wait for Microsoft to lift this block. This is not the first time that the Intel SST driver has caused problems, as it was already the case for the transition to Windows 11 21H2.

However, if you have the option to update the Intel SST driver on your computer, it will allow you to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2. Indeed, Microsoft specifies that there are versions of this driver that do not have this problem:

  • Pilot Intel Smart Sound Technology version and higher
  • Pilot Intel Smart Sound Technology version and higher

With a compatible driver, updating to Windows 11 22H2 becomes possible! It may take up to 48 hours for the block to be lifted following the driver update.


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