Birthday and anniversary – 10 years. Overview of changes.

How time flies…

In 2021, the blog turned 10 years old.

In general, I “celebrate” the birthday of the blog on August 14th – on the day of registration of the domain:


Domain ID:228567_COUA-DRS

Domain Name:RTFM.CO.UA

Created On:14-Aug-2011 09:40:17 UTC

And the first post in it was made on the same day:

Go to instead of

What was there before? Let’s take a look:

The blog itself is powered by WordPress – once there were thoughts of moving to something else, but “It works – don’t touch it!” – WP is quite stable, a lot of plugins. In terms of security, everything is not so bad either, especially since the admin panel is closed by HTTP authentication, plus some plugins like Wordfence.

Initially, the blog was hosted in the Volya-cable data center, where I worked. The first operating system was FreeBSD, or 6.1, or 7.1 – I don’t remember anymore, although you can look at the records.

The web server then was NGINX + Apache and mod_php (I wonder – now someone uses such a bunch?), The database – MySQL.

In 2014 he moved to CentOS and “clean” NGINX+PHP-FPM – Moving to a new server.

In 2015 or 2016 he moved to AWS, Debian was already there.

Over time, the prices there became cosmic – around $ 75 per month, and in 2019 he moved to DigitalOcean, where we still live, and where now everything works on Debian + NGINX + PHP-FPM + MariaDB.

In 2016, I changed the theme of the design – before it looked like this:

In 2016, the blog was 5 years old and had 1000 posts, and now they are:

1862 posts – 180 posts/year on average, 1 post every two days.

Although now the number and frequency of new posts has decreased – usually 2-3 per month, but it seems to me that the quality has improved, and I have already begun to write about much more interesting and complex things like Kubernetes, Istio, ArgoCD, etc.

How do I blog?

Quite often they ask – how do I manage to write so much on the blog?

It’s simple: in the process of solving a problem or installing or setting up a new service, a draft is thrown, which is then brought into a divine form.

For example, from the last, unpublished, another version of the post went to “print”:

Screenshots are taken along the way – then the name of the screenshot file is saved in the right place in the text of the post.

A lot of interesting things happened in 2019.

English version of the blog

In February, an English version appeared – I finally pumped my technical English so much that I was not ashamed to write in it 🙂

Along with the English version, pages appeared on and Medium.

Group and channel in Telegram

In the same 2019, he also added integration with the Telega to everything else – now there is a channel with updates @rtfmand a group to talk to: @rtfm


In 2019, an ad from Google appeared on the blog, which brings about $ 30-40 per month, which actually pays for its hosting.

Over these 10 years, according to Hotlog, the blog has been:

6 132 864 unique visitors.

The average attendance now is in the region of 4-5 thousand, but in general attendance over these 10 years looks like this:

There is an About page, but I don’t see the need to post here on LinkedIn 🙂

AWS Hero

And in 2021, the author became AWS Herowhich he wrote about here:

AWS Hero: June, 2021 announcement.


I’m also a permanent member UkrOps – the Ukrainian DevOps community, which was created by Seva Polyakov aka @ctrlok in 2015, if I’m not mistaken, the year.

Somewhere recently I came across statistics that there are 8,000 devops engineers in Ukraine, and 4,000 of them communicate in UrkOps, so it’s very good. We are non-toxic, and the community is always happy to welcome both beginners and devops theme gurus.

You can find me there by the nickname @setevoy.


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