Cloudflare - Serveur Minecraft - Attaque DDoS - Octobre 2022

Cloudflare contained a massive 2.5 Tbps DDoS attack

Once again, Cloudflare has mastered a very important DDoS attack! This 2.5 Tbps attack targeted Wynncraft, a very popular Minecraft server.

Initiated by the Mirai botnet, this attack on a Minecraft server is significant. Security researcher Omer Yoachimik says: “The 2.5 Tbps attack lasted about 2 minutes, and the attack’s peak of 26 million requests per second lasted only 15 seconds.– The target of the day, a very popular Minecraft server nicknamed “Wynncraft”. From a Cloudflare point of view, it is protected by the Cloudflare Spectrum reverse proxy, suitable for TCP/UDP applications.

In his reportCloudflare clarifies: “It was a multi-vector attack based on UDP and TCP flooding“. Thanks to the work of the Cloudflare infrastructure, the players connected to this server, which can amount to hundreds or thousands of users, did not even notice the attack.

Cloudflare - DDoS Minecraft

In terms of trending, Cloudflare claims there are a sharp increase in DDoS attacks targeting Japan and Taiwan, and that overall there are more DDoS attacks compared to last year. In effect, an increase of 97% is mentioned in the report of the American company. This is a constant and growing threat.

There is also a 67% increase in type attacks “Ransom DDoS” which consists of targeting a company with a DDoS attack, demanding a ransom from it and stopping the attack only after receiving the payment in question!

In recent months, DDoS attacks have generally made the headlines, as they are increasingly important. Here are some examples :

The Cloudflare report mentioned in this article is an overview of DDoS attacks in Q3 2022.



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