Qu'est-ce qu'un CCaaS

Contact Center as a Service: what is a CCaaS?

The rise of the Cloud has given rise to the emergence of a multitude of accessible platforms and software “as a service“, that is to say as a service in French. Among the many examples that we could cite, there are CCaaS software. But by the way, what is a CCaaS? is the question this article will answer.

The acronym CCaaS

Let’s start by dissecting the acronym CCaaS, because it will allow us to learn a little more: CCaaS stands for Ccontact Center as a Servicethat is, a contact center as a service. Looks like a CCaaS is useful software for customer relations! Indeed, the acronym refers to contact centers, which are also called call centers or customer relations centers, in other words a platform used by a company to interact with its customers.

To equip a contact center with the right tools, a company can invest in software. By integrating it into its information system, on local servers (or on-premise to use the fashionable term). Or, it can be based on a CCaaS: subscription-based contact center software hosted in the cloud. Thus, contact center employees use the solution from a simple Internet browser or an application installed on the computer, but connected to the Cloud environment.

In other words, we can say that CCaaS makes it possible to move from an on-premises call management solution to a Cloud version. This solution as a service is even more widespread following the COVID-19 pandemic since companies have had to organize themselves differently and switch to teleworking: call center agents are no longer grouped together in the same physical location. Accessing a Cloud solution from anywhere is easier, compared to an internally hosted solution.

The benefits of CCaaS

Difficult to come up with a solution as a service, not to mention the advantages it could have. CCaaS benefits from the availability and ease of access of a Cloud solution, as I mentioned earlier, which is in line with the hybrid working mode: sometimes in the office, sometimes at home. Beyond these advantages, we can also mention:

  • Improved customer experience

Beyond the quality of the response provided, theclient experience is a priority for companies, because it is a matter of reputation. A CCaaS solution does not stop at the simple management of telephone channels, it goes further in particular, because it supports various communication solutions. In addition, it integrates automation functions or integration with other applications, which makes the contact center more efficient, but also to personalize exchanges with the customer.

  • Supports multiple communication channels

Historical call centers were based on PBXs and IP-PBXs, but nowadays many more modern communication channels are available. We can cite a few examples: e-mails, online surveys, online chat, web applications, in addition to telephone calls of course. Switching to a CCaaS solution is an opportunity to modernize its contact center management solution. Not to mention CCaaS, there are many cloud-based phone systems that specifically rely on VoIP for phone calls because it allows voice to be transported over a computer network.

CCaaS solutions are accessible through a subscription that is intended to be scalable, and above all, there are no large initial investments: no need to buy expensive hardware, or to manage updates to the server part of the software, or to bear the energy costs. Thanks to a subscription and license system, it becomes possible to acquire one or more additional licenses, as needed, without having to wonder if the system in place is sufficiently dimensioned.

So now, when you hear about CCaaS software from a client or when you are asked to study the various solutions on the market, you will no longer be surprised by reading this article!


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