Debian 12 - Firmware propriétaire

Debian 12 Bookworm will switch to proprietary firmware!

Important change to come at Debian: the integration of proprietary firmware, as well as proprietary drivers. Thus, the Linux distribution will no longer consist entirely of free components. A strategy already adopted by other distributions.

The Debian community has made the decision to move to proprietary firmware from the next major release i.e. Debian 12 Bookworm. Currently, this new version is available in alpha version, so its release is not for now, but rather for 2023. A great first for this Linux distribution released 29 years ago, and which, until now, was entirely based on free and open source components.

Even if a “non-free” firmware is integrated into Debian 12, as well as proprietary drivers, this does not change anything: Debian will remain a Linux distribution available to everyone, free of charge. This decision is understandable, because it will allow better hardware support, natively. We think in particular of some WiFi cards that may be supported upon installation. This decision applies to ISO images for system installation, as well as Live-CD images. There are already versions of Debian based on proprietary firmware, but these are experimental versions.

The use of proprietary firmware within Linux distributions is not new, because other distros have been going this route for quite a while. We can cite for example Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora or Arch Linux. On Arch Linux, we limit ourselves to the essential proprietary drivers, while on Ubuntu, we aim wider with proprietary multimedia codecs, for example.

Other distributions will continue to be offered without proprietary code… Some of which are based on Debian or Ubuntu. But for Debian itself, everything leads us to believe that this is a decision that goes in the right direction.

What do you think of this decision by the Debian community?


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