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Decryption tool for LockerGoga ransomware

Bitdefender has released a free decryption tool for LockerGoga ransomware, which will allow victims to recover their data without paying the ransom!

LockerGoga ransomware was launched in January 2019 and it affected many companies includingFrench company Altran Technologies (Capgemini Engineering) et l’Norwegian company Norsk Hydroa leading company in the aluminum sector.

Made available for free by Bitdefender, this tool is available for download on the official website and it comes with documentation that explains how it is used. Here are the download links:

Bitdefender - LockerGoga Ransomware

To develop this decryption tool, Bitdefender worked with several agencies, including Europol, Zurich Cantonal Police, and members of the NoMoreRansom project. Creation of decryption tool for LockerGoga ransomware may have been possible thanks to the work of law enforcement as they managed to identify and arrest the operators of LockerGoga in October 2021. One can imagine that thanks to this arrest, the police were able to access “master” private keys which makes it possible to decipher the data of all the victims.

Data encrypted by this ransomware inherits the “.locked” extension. Thanks to Bitdefender’s decryption tool, it becomes possible to scan an entire machine or a single folder, looking for encrypted files. In case an encrypted file is detected, it is automatically decrypted by the tool. According to Bitdefender, this tool can work on a single machine or on an entire network of encrypted computers.

For the tool to work, there are two prerequisites to respect:

  • The machine must be connected to the Internet
  • The ransom notes generated by the ransomware during data encryption should be in their original location.

This application includes an option called “Backup files” which allows you to keep a copy of decrypted files. It is recommended to keep it checked, as in some cases the file may get corrupted during the decryption process. Thus, thanks to the backup, we can repeat the operation.

This decryption tool should do a lot of good for victims who did not want to pay the ransom and who still have encrypted data… Enjoy!



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