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Decryption tool for MafiaWare666 ransomware

Avast has uploaded a decryption tool for different variants of MafiaWare666 ransomware, including Jcrypt, RIP Lmao, and BrutusptCrypt.

The publisher Avast has identified a flaw in the encryption module used by the MafiaWare666 ransomware, which allows the recovery of data on certain machines, depending on the variant used. In some cases, the decryption tool offered by Avast may not work if the encryption module used is different from the one for which Avast has identified a bug.

Therefore, using the Avast tool, victims can recover their data for free : good news ! In the majority of cases, this family of ransomware demands a fairly low ransom: between 50 and 300 euros. Nevertheless, there have been some exceptions with ransoms estimated at tens of thousands of euros. When this ransomware is used, the data is simply encrypted so there is no double extortion with data exfiltration to cybercriminals’ servers.

The decryption tool”Avast Decryption Tool for MafiaWare666” posted by Avast is available for download at this address and it supports the following file extensions:

  • .MafiaWare666
  • .jcrypt
  • .brutusptCrypt
  • .bmcrypt
  • .cyberone
  • .l33ch

Ransomware MafiaWare666 - Avast

This tool responds to two scenarios:

  • You know your decryption key but you were unable to decrypt the data
  • You do not know your decryption key (which corresponds to the majority of cases)

Of course, in the event that you do not know your key, the analysis and recovery of your data will take longer because there will be a first phase where the tool will search for the decryption key corresponding to your machine. . As often with these tools, there is an option to keep a copy of encrypted files so that you can try again if the file is corrupted during the recovery phase.

A full article is available at site d’Avast.



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