Streaming TV illégal - Plateforme arrêtée

end clap for a platform with 500,000 users

It’s no secret that illegal streaming costs entertainment companies millions and millions. The authorities are trying to hunt down illegal streaming sites as well as the use of IPTV boxes. The Spanish police managed to dismantle a large network used by around 500,000 users.

The video streaming platform was being used to illegally stream more than 2,600 TV channels as well as 23,000 films and series. Inevitably, such a catalog attracts people: we are talking about 500,000 users. To broadcast the live streams, hackers used valid accounts (likely stolen accounts) to decode the stream and rebroadcast it to platform subscribers.

Thanks to this operation, the Spanish police, in collaboration with EUROPOLwas able to proceed to the arrest of 4 people associated with the management of this platform. This arrest took place in Malaga, and obviously it is an important network since the authorities were also able to identify 95 dealers present in Spain, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Big servers and wins

To ensure a sufficient quality of service, this requires significant computing resources. The police have already identified 32 streaming servers distributed in France, Spain and the Netherlands. There were also 10 administration consoles connected to these servers.

Beyond proceeding with the arrest of the 4 members, the police disconnected the administration consoles and take the platform offlineenters computer equipment discovered on this occasion, recovered 2800 euros in cash as well as vehicles for an approximate value of 180,000 euros.

The business set up by these cybercriminals is very lucrative: the police believe that it makes it possible to release 3 million euros profit per year. In order to launder the money, it was invested in real estate around Malaga but also via companies with accounts in tax havens.

From now on, the police are continuing their investigations with the aim of identifying other members, in Spain or elsewhere. It remains to know the name of this platform because obviously, it has not been communicated.



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