File Locksmith et Hosts File Editor

File Locksmith et Hosts File Editor

Microsoft has released a new version of its PowerToys suite of tools! Thanks to this update, Windows users can benefit from additional tools: File Locksmith and Hosts File Editor have appeared!

PowerToys – File Locksmith

First of all, PowerToys 0.64.0 includes a new tool called “File Locksmith” which helps users when a file is locked. It is true that sometimes a file cannot be deleted or opened because it is already in use by another process, without really knowing which one. Thanks to this tool, it becomes possible to see which process or processes are using a locked file, and to complete the task if necessary.

The use is relatively simple since it suffices to make right click on a file or folder then choose the option “What uses this file?” in the context menu of Windows. Then a window similar to the one below will appear. Thus, it is no longer necessary to resort to a third-party tool to perform this action since the PowerToys meet this need.

PowerToys - File Locksmith

Note : there is also an option to search information as an administrator to analyze running processes for all users, not just for the current session.

To learn more and see it in action, it’s here:

PowerToys – Hosts File Editor

Then we have the right to the tool “Hosts File Editor“which allows you to edit the file”C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts” from a graphical interface, without having to edit the file manually. This tool is more for advanced users, but it is true that it can save time rather than opening Notepad as as administrator and look for the file in the Windows directories…

This PowerToys is available in the main interface of the application through an entry named “Hosts file editor“.

PowerToys - Hosts file editor

Interestingly, the tool will create timestamped backups of the hosts file before your changes, as Microsoft clarifies: “Hosts File Editor creates a backup of the hosts file before the editing session. The backup files are located near the hosts file in %SystemRoot%/System32/drivers/etc named hosts_PowerToysBackup_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.

To learn more and see it in action, it’s here:

Finally, there is a new option in the general settings that allows you to backup and restore its PowerToys settings.

To take advantage of these new PowerToys (and others), go to the Microsoft Store Or on GitHub !


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