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Follow Microsoft security updates with this RSS feed

Microsoft has just added an RSS feed to its Security Update Guide site which lists all the security vulnerabilities associated with Microsoft products. Thanks to this new feature, it will be easier to receive security alerts!

The Microsoft Security Update Guide site serves as a reference when looking for information about a vulnerability, whether in Windows, Office, SQL Server or Exchange. Twice a month, Microsoft updates content to add new CVEs: once when Patch Tuesday is released and a second time when updates for Microsoft Edge are released. It makes it possible to make the link between vulnerabilities and security updates.

In addition, the Redmond company may update this page at any time based on events and incidents in order to inform its users of the presence of a new publicly disclosed security flaw before it can be corrected by Microsoft (faille zero-day). To find an example, you don’t have to look long since we can cite the last two vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange: CVE-2022-41040 et CVE-2022-41082 associated with the name ProxyNotShell.

Although it is possible to receive alerts by e-mail, it is not practical, because it is necessary to create an account and especially it is not as reactive as with an RSS feed. By adding the RSS feed to its SUG site, Microsoft is responding to a request made by its customers for a long time… Moreover, Microsoft made this clear in its official announcement. : “As for the RSS feed, some of our customers have let us know that a Security Update Guide (SUG) RSS feed would be greatly appreciated.“.

This new RSS feed is now available, ready to join your favorite RSS feed aggregator! Here is the link :

Once subscribed to the RSS feed, you will receive notifications when Microsoft adds a new CVE to the SUG portal!



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