Etat de la menace ransomware en France - Septembre 2022

France heavily impacted by ransomware attacks

Security solutions publisher Anozr Way has released the 4th edition of its ransomware threat assessment barometer. A report that shows how France is impacted by ransomware attacks.

In general, if we look at the figures from January to August 2022, North America remains the most affected region of the world, with 43% of attacks against 35% for Europe. On the Old Continent, all countries are affected, led by Germany (7%) followed by France (5%) and Italy (4%).

According to Anozr Way, 70% of ransomware attacks in France are attributed to LockBit 2.0 and LockBit 3.0 ransomware! An overwhelming dominance that is disturbing in the sense that it shows the level of efficiency of this group of cybercriminals. Recently, the LockBit 3.0 ransomware affected the Corbeil-Essonnes Hospital Center. At the World level, this ransomware is thought to be the cause of 41% of attacks!

While the Conti group died out, French companies had to face new groups of cybercriminals such as Bl00dy, Cheers!, or even Red Alert.

In total, and only for French companies, the loss of cumulative turnover between January 1 and August 31, 2022 reaches 1.06 billion euros! This huge figure corresponds only to the losses linked to ransomware attacks: even if they are the majority, they are not the only attacks. This does not take into account the possible payment of a ransom either! On average, the amount is 128,000 euros per company !

Which companies are targeted?

Whether in France or in Europe, VSEs and SMEs and public sector organizations are the most affected. For VSEs-SMEs, we are talking about one in two attacks, at European level. Globally, the number of organizations victimized by ransomware is on the rise and it is expected to exceed the level reached in 2021. Indeed, according to Alban Ondrejeck, CTO and co-founder of Anozr Way: “In just 8 months, the number of organizations victimized by ransomware worldwide is already 85% of the whole of 2021“.

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