Google Chrome - Fin support pour Windows 7 et Windows 8.1 - Février 2023

From 2023, Google Chrome will no longer support Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Google has made an announcement that is directly aimed at users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1: from February 7, 2023, the Google Chrome browser will no longer be supported on these two versions of Windows!

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft from January 14, 2020, while Windows 8.1 will no longer be supported by Microsoft from February 10, 2023. Gradually, third-party software is also dropping support for these two Windows versions: the proof with this new ad from google. For Windows 7, it can be understood, but for Windows 8.1, it may seem rushed even if it corresponds to 3 days close to Microsoft’s schedule.

Starting February 7, 2023, with the release of Chrome 110, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will no longer be supported by Google Chrome. Please note that Google’s browser will continue to work on these two versions of Windows, but they will no longer receive updates. Farewell to new features, but also (and above all) to fixes for security vulnerabilities!

Even if it may seem paradoxical, Windows 7 is still much more used than Windows 8.1 (even if in the end it makes sense). According to the StatCounter website, Windows 7 is still used by 10.68% of computers globallywhile Windows 8.1’s market share is significantly lower: only 2.7%. For comparison, the market share of Windows 11 is only 13.56%!

Still according to StatCounterhere are the figures in France:

Windows market share in France 2022

With the abandonment of Google Chrome on these two operating systems, users will have to turn to other browsers. Neverthelessyou have to face the facts and move towards a new operating system : Windows 10 or Windows 11, even if it is unlikely that a machine running Windows 7 is fully compatible with Windows 11. Nothing prevents you from switching to Linux: there are very good distributions.


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