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GitHub Copilot is accused of stealing open source code!

GitHub Copilot is in the sights of justice: a collective complaint has been filed by developers, because they believe that this tool infringes their copyrights by not respecting the licenses granted to certain source codes.

GitHub Copilot is a tool offered by Microsoft and OpenAI whose purpose is to facilitate software development. Indeed, thanks to artificial intelligence, this service will suggest pieces of ready-to-use code according to your needs. The generated code recommendations are visible directly in Visual Studio and it supports dozens of different programming languages.

To ensure that GitHub Copilot is complete and able to generate relevant code, the tool has been trained by machine learning. For this, billions of lines of code from public GitHub repositories have been used and analyzed by the tool. But, it is not because a code is public that one can do with it what one wants: it is there, where there is a problem since GitHub Copilot suggests snippets that match what it has learned except that licenses and attributions are removed. This is against some open source licenses (MIT, Apache, GPL) that require author attribution, which GitHub Copilot does not.

Thereby, a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI has been filed, notably at the initiative of developer and lawyer Matthew Butterick. Moreover, he even put online a site called “GitHub Copilot Litigation“. We are talking about “open source laundering” and beyond license violation, GitHub Copilot also violates:

  • GitHub Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
  • Copyright DMCA 1202 (which does not allow removal of copyright information)
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

In total, the sum of 9 billion dollars in damages is claimed! This sum is the result of a clever calculation made by the developers according to the number of code violations detected and the duration for which GitHub Copilot has made use of it. The cheating machine is in turmoil! 😉


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