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Hacking of McDonalds France: a false alarm?

A few days ago, did the McDonalds France brand suffer a computer hack resulting in the disclosure of a database with 3 million records? It would be a false alarm… But what does this data correspond to?

According to the article published on the Zataz site, McDonalds France would be in the sauce… Several hackers have exchanged about a database which would contain 3 million records corresponding to customer information from McDonalds France . Among this information, there would be: last name, first name, e-mail address, date of birth and a history of PayPal transactions (which is surprising). All in a 385MB file.

The good news is that the information contained in this database is encrypted, and without the decryption keyit is not possible to view the information in clear text. It’s good to see that McDonalds France treats its data in this way ! Therefore, all of this is only a hypothesis… And this information would come from the official McDonald’s application.

Then, Damien Bancal from the Zataz site took the time to contact the communication department of McDonalds France, who claimed that there had been investigation and analysis of this database. Here’s what to take away from the response:

  • The online database is encrypted and anonymized
  • It is not a customer database
  • It is a database of anonymized test accounts

For now, hackers seek to decrypt the data contained in this database. If McDonalds France’s claims are true, then we shouldn’t have any bad surprises if they manage to decipher the data, and we can consider that it is a false alarm!


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