Les e-mails et le champ Cci

hide the recipient addresses of an e-mail

I. Presentation

Sending emails is a daily action for many people. It is an essential means of communication which has the advantage of being multi-recipient. Indeed, we can send an e-mail to one person or to several people, without having to rewrite it several times.

When you receive an e-mail, there is always the e-mail address of the sender and that of the recipient, or recipients. However, it is not always desirable to display the coordinates of all the addresses of the recipients of an e-mail. When sending an e-mail, it is possible to hide the e-mail addresses from all the recipients of the e-mail. Thus, each recipient will think that he is the only one to have received this email.

Article initial version: August 3, 2012

II. The difference between “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc”

On a simple e-mail, we put the e-mail address of the recipient(s) in the “To” which is a way to indicate the coordinates of the main recipient. In addition, we have the field “Cc” (or “Carbon Copy“) which allows to send a copy of the e-mail to someone. We can imagine that we send an e-mail to a colleague (“To” field) and that we indicate the address e-mail from the service manager in the “Cc” field to inform them of this exchange about a project, for example, so that they will receive a copy and everyone will see that it is in copy.

All recipients who appear in the two previous fields will receive the email, but will see the list of other recipients of the email. The difference between the fields”To” et “Cc” is that the addresses in the first field will somehow be prioritized or more concerned than those in the second field.

Field “Cci” or “Blind Carbon Copy“As for him, he hides the addresses of the other recipients from each recipient, which can be very practical in certain cases. Indeed, each unique recipient will think that the email was only sent to him when there are other recipients who also received the same email during the same sending.

In most cases, we can write multiple addresses in the “To” and you have to add an option to see the fields appear “Cc” or “Cci“. If we take the example of Gmail, we can see that there is a link on the right that allows you to add these two additional fields.

Gmail - Champ Cci

To send an email only to recipients in “Bcc” mode, so that everyone thinks they are the only recipient of the email, you can enter your own email address in the “To” field ( the same as the sender, in fact), and put the email addresses of your recipients in the “Bcc” field.

In Outlook, it is also possible to use the “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” fields, when composing a new e-mail. Here is an example with Microsoft Office 2021, but you should find a similar option on other versions.

In the window for composing an e-mail, we can see that the “Bcc” field is not visible.

Outlook - E-mail - Champs A et CC

To add it, you must position yourself on the “Options” of the compose window, then click at the end of the line on the button ““in order to click”Cci” sous “Show Fields“.

Add BCC field in Outlook

Then, voila: the Bcc field is visible in the compose window. All that remains is to use it. When composing a future e-mail, this field will always be visible, but you can remove it at any time, by clicking again on “Bcc” in the options.

Outlook - E-mail - Champs A, CC et CCI

IV. Conclusion

You are now able tosend an e-mail to several people by hiding the different recipients! This option is not new, so you must be able to activate it on your email client, whether Outlook or Thunderbird, as well as on the various Webmails.


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