PC HP - Vulnérabilité HP Support Assistant - CVE-2022-38395

HP fixes a major flaw in HP Support Assistant

HP has posted a new security bulletin that discusses a security flaw in the HP Support Assistant software, which is preinstalled on all HP computers, whether desktop or laptop. What are the risks ?

On HP computers, the HP Support Assistant software is preinstalled on Windows and its purpose is to assist users in the event of a problem, to optimize machine performance, to perform hardware tests, or to check for updates. updated BIOS and drivers. Software that can be practical, especially for people who are not very comfortable with computers.

Security researchers at Secure D have discovered a security flaw associated with the reference CVE-2022-38395. This vulnerability has a high severity and it inherits a CVSSv3 score of 8.2 out of 10. The reason is simple: an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to elevate their privileges on the local machine. Although there are not many technical details on the HP site, it is known that it isa DLL hijacking vulnerability that can be exploited when launching the performance optimization function from HP Support Assistant. Thus, a hacker can make it his malicious library that is loaded and that it inherits HP Support Assistant permissions, that is, SYSTEM privileges.

HP Support Assistant - CVE-2022-38395

To exploit this vulnerability, the hacker must already have access to the machine with a standard user, without special rights. Thanks to this vulnerability, he will be able to elevate his privileges and take complete possession of the compromised machine.

Given the number of machines equipped with HP Support Assistant and the ease with which this vulnerability can be exploited, it is recommended that you update the software as soon as possible. For users of a 9.X version, the patched version is available via the Microsoft Store, while for 8.X versions, one must check for updates from the software interface. On his site, HP specifies that all versions prior to version 9.11 are affected by this security flaw.


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