Installing WordPress on your LAMP Server

Installing WordPress on your LAMP Server

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O WordPress is an open source project that you can use to create websites, blogs or apps. The is made with wordpress!

Requirements used in this tutorial:

– Distribution:
Installing Debian 11 or 10

– Apache Web Applications + PHP7.x + MariaDB:
Step-by-step how to create a WEB server Apache + PHP + MariaDB + phpMyAdmin + Let’s Encrypt on Debian 11 bullseye “LAMP”

– Knowledge of virtual domains:
How to have several sub/domains on the same server? (Virtual domains with Apache2)

– Point your domain/subdomain at your DNS server
Bind9 DNS Server – Recursive + Authoritative DNSSEC + Reverse + RPZ + Fail2ban + nftables + Zabbix no Debian 11 Bullseye

Apache configuration template

As an example I will use:

packages needed

Installing WordPress

Go to linux temp directory and download WordPress

Now move all the files to the directory corresponding to your domain/sub.

Change directory permissions and all files to apache user (www-data)

Now create your database, for that access with root user and let’s create a new database called wordpress as well as a user for wordpress, so our “site” is stuck to this user, don’t be “expert” to use me root for wordpress connection!

Don’t forget to change: YOUR_PASSWORD

We now proceed with the installation via the web

access your domain:” and click Come on!

Fill in the data according to the database settings created previously:

click in install

Fill in the data of your “site” as well as users to later access the ADM panel and click on Instalar WordPress

Congratulations WordPress successfully installed!click on Access to enter the admin panel.

Enter the installation username and password.


Whenever you want to enter the panel, just access: http://yourdomain.xy/wp-admin

I hope you like this tutorial, it strayed a little from the topics covered but many people ask me.

You will find hundreds of videos on youtube taught how to mess with wordpress. I know a lot of friends who earn $$ making websites with WordPress, good studies!

If you’d like to make a donation to the cafe, I’d be very happy for your recognition!

If you can’t donate, you can leave your thanks in the comments, I’ll also be happy to know that I helped. If you have any questions, please leave them too. If you prefer to get in touch click here.


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