IT and English: progress easily with Cambly

IT and English: progress easily with Cambly

In the field of IT, English is an essential language even when working for a company whose activity is located on French soil. Indeed, English is the language that takes precedence in computer science and it is enough to look at the terms used for programming languages ​​to be convinced of this. Add to that the documentation of the manufacturers and editors which is very often in English in its original version, and you will understand that English is not an option.

Starting from this constant, one can ask how to progress in English in order to reach a sufficient level? Since it’s back to school, some of you may be looking to improve your level of English to develop personally, or simply to take on a new personal challenge! Whether it’s to learn English or simply to improve, without it being an additional constraint to manage on a daily basis, know that there is Cambly: a 100% flexible platform that I am going to present to you today.

IT and English are linked!

Before telling you about the Cambly platform, I wanted to emphasize the importance of English when working in IT by listing a few situations in which English is useful:

  • Search for information, documentation (even if there is translation, it is sometimes imprecise)
  • Contacting the technical support of a software publisher, manufacturer, etc.
  • Preparation for an exam to obtain certification, because even if you can prepare with documentation in your mother tongue, the final exam will be in English
  • Learning a new programming language
  • Essential prerequisite for certain positions, because it is a very frequent criterion in job offers in this sector
  • Understanding of certain technical terms

Finally, since English is the reference language in the IT field, this pushes companies to produce content in English in order to be understood by as many people as possible. As a result, one can find more technical information in English than in French, or in any case a greater variety of resources. Incidentally, IT-Connect is there to provide you with quality content in French, because yes the French appreciate content in French. If we assume that English is the “default” language in IT, we can imagine that a French person will produce IT-related content in English, while the reverse is less obvious.

Between us, beyond finding an interest in learning English from a professional point of view, it is also very useful for people who like to travel!

The Cambly platform

Cambly is an online English learning platform with over 10 million users worldwide. The particularity of this platform is that it allows you toexchange with tutors whose mother tongue is English, who have different accents (American, British, etc.), who master specific vocabularies, etc… Besides, I took the time to contact the Cambly platform to find out if there were any tutors who have mastered computer-related vocabulary, and I have been told that yes, there are experienced and passionate computer tutors who can be identified by searching for the term “computer”, for example. This is an advantage, because it can make it possible to have targeted exchanges on certain subjects.

Since Cambly relies on tutors all over the world, this allows users to be able start a lesson at any time : 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The platform relies on flexibility so that learning English is not a nightmareand to go further, you also choose the content of each lesson: TOEIC / TOEFL preparation, free conversations, learning to make a presentation in English, etc.

Cambly - Learn English

I invite you to test the Cambly platform and in addition to improve your understanding of English, I encourage you to read content in English and watch videos in English, whether on YouTube, Netflix (a film in VO, for example), etc…. In order to improve your listening comprehension.

Take advantage of the back-to-school offer to test Cambly

For the start of the 2022 school year, Cambly is offering a special offer which allows you to obtain a 50% discount on a 12-month subscription. As an indication, without the reduction, a one-year subscription for 2 lessons of 15 minutes per week is billed at 71 euros per month. For the most diligent students, a Cambly diploma will be issued, and this mentions the number of hours of practice you have carried out on Cambly.

Right now you can also test the platform for free, without obligation and enjoya free 15-minute lesson during which you can discuss with a tutor. Ideal to test and see if the format suits you!


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