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Join the IT-Connect community on Discord!

Today we officially launch the Discord server for the IT-Connect community! A space for exchange and mutual aid that takes the place of the forum, abandoned several years ago.

Many of you visit the site every day, study IT, work on projects and ask yourself questions about the installation and configuration of a service, an application, etc… Except that following the abandonment of the forum, IT-Connect no longer had a suitable space for exchange and mutual assistance, because comments within articles quickly reached their limits.

Today, with this Discord server dedicated to the IT-Connect community, we finally have a new space that meets this need! Do not hesitate to join us: the larger the community, the easier it will be to find an answer to its questions.

This Discord server is open to everyone, in the sense that we accept all IT students, IT professionals, but also passionate people with a minimum of knowledge in the field! Beginners are accepted as much as experts, it’s not the level that counts! We want it to be a privileged space where one “all speak the same language : the one spoken by people who have a passion for this field with many facets.

For us, it will also be an opportunity to get to know the readers of IT-Connect and the people who support this site: because you know the authors and editors of the site, but the reverse is not true! So, now, don’t wait any longer and join us!


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