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Konyks Hydro test – Connected irrigation system

I. Presentation

In this article, I offer you a complete test of the Konyks Hydro solution which is aimed directly at those who want a connected garden! The objective is simple: manage the watering of your garden for you, whether for plants or your vegetable garden, thanks to this connected watering system!

In the Konyks product catalog, there are 4 products likely to be installed in your garden: the 100% wireless Wi-Fi camera Camini Go, the Pluviose Easy waterproof plug, the Hydro soil humidity and temperature sensor, and the Hydro connected irrigation system.

The Konyks Hydro kit is made up of two elements:

  • A basewhich connects to an electrical outlet and your WiFi network, called Hydro Plug
  • A modulewhich is positioned on your water tap and which manages the flow of water (opening / closing), called Hydro Dispenser

Konyks Hydro - Package

The base (on the left in the photo above) communicates with the module positioned on the tap via RF waves (radio frequency 433Mhz), which allows a range of 60 meters (in free field) between the two elements. This technique makes it possible to circumvent the limit of range of WiFi in itself, and the base acts as intermediary. In fact, a single base can manage up to 4 faucets (or soil moisture sensors, sold separately).

We can find different use cases in which this kit is interesting, even if it will be especially in spring and summer. Thanks to the automatic watering management, you can go on holiday with peace of mind without fearing for your plants or your vegetable garden. To go even further, we can couple the use of this kit with the soil humidity and temperature sensor (sold separately) which can act as a trigger for the Hydro when the soil is too dry. Thus, we water only when necessary: ​​enough to save money on the water bill (and our dear Planet will appreciate).

Before moving on, a few technical details:

  • Pressure from 0.5 to 8 bar
  • Flow from 5 liters to 35 liters per minute
  • IP54 sealing
  • Standard faucet connections:
    • Inlet 3/4″ NH (19mm) or 1″ BSP
    • 3/4″ (19mm) outlet
  • Compatible iOS et Android (applications Konyks, TuyaSmart, SmartLife)
  • Konyks – Product sheet

II. Discovery and installation

A. Unboxing Konyks Hydro

Inside the box in the colors of Konyks (like the kit itself, by the way), the elements are well wedged. There are instructions, the base and the module for the tap.

The base looks like a CPL box or a WiFi repeater (less imposing), and somewhat on the same principle as these products, it includes an electrical outlet so as not to condemn the wall outlet. A good point. There are a button under the Konyks branding, on the frontand it is useful when resetting the box or pairing, but also for switch on or off the electrical socket integrated in the base! In summary, here is the role of this database:

  • Communicate with the Hydro module (one or more elements)
  • Communicate with the Internet to receive orders sent via the application, scenarios, etc…
  • Manage the device connected to the integrated socket because yes it acts as a connected plug at the same time !

Note : the socket is limited to a maximum load of 2300W.

The second box of the Hydro kit is fixed on the outside water tap on which we will come to fix the garden hose. In other words, he comes position yourself as a break between the faucet and the pipe in order to manage the flow of water. The large black button is used to switch the device to pairing mode to allow integration into the application. This same button is also used to activate/deactivate the Dispenser so as to open the tap or close the tap without having to use your smartphone. This case is in the color of Konyks, but suddenly it is not very discreet.

Small downside, batteries are not included in the package so you need 4 AA batteries extra to equip the outdoor module. Too bad it’s not included.

B. Mise en route du kit Konyks Hydro

Initialization is done from the Konyks app, available on both iOS and Android, or with the TuyaSmart and SmartLife apps. The opportunity to remind you that Konyks devices are Tuya compatible, which allows the use of these “generic” applications.

First of all, you have to take care of the base (or the hub, if you prefer) because adding it to the application is a little different from usual: you have to add the Hub to then add it to the configuration of the Hub the management of the Dispenser module. To start, you add a device to your Konyks account, choosing “Hydro Plug” in the list (do not rely on the box image that appears, it’s normal).

Then you have to initialize the “Hydro Dispenser” external module, which you can initialize warm at home before going to position it in its “final” place. To add it, it’s in the Hub settings, then “Device management” to add a device. It’s a little different from the usual operation, but it’s well explained. In the end, we get three new devices in his list of Konyks devices since the Hydro base is 2-in-1.

The installation of the Dispenser module on the outdoor tap is carried out without difficulty if you have a compatible tap. However, I am not an expert in faucets but it seems to me to be standard. It can also be installed on a 2-way distributor like the one from Gardena that I have at home (see photo below). Thus, we can have a path with a hose connected to a sprinkler gun and the second path, where there is the Hydro, which is used to connect the garden/vegetable garden irrigation system. In both cases, the flow remains the same with or without the Hydro, which is a good point.

Installation Konyks Hydro

III. The smart features of the Hydro

Now let’s talk about the features available from the Konyks application that will allow us to configure the Hydro kit.

First of all, we have functions specific to the connected plug integrated into the Hydro base. There is a button that allows you to switch the socket on or off remotely, on the same principle as for the individual connected sockets from Konyks. You can also create a schedule to turn the socket on or off according to a schedule and certain days of the week. Finally, this connected socket can be integrated into scenarios and automations.

then, we have Dispenser-specific functions to manage irrigation ! The instrument panel of the device indicates the status of the batteries, as well as the volume of water used during the last watering session. For irrigation management, there are two modes available via the app:

  • Manual mode : trigger watering for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 60 minutes at most, with automatic shut-off.
  • Programming Mode : creation of 1 to 3 watering schedules, using the different schedules, which allows watering early in the morning and late in the evening, for example.

Finally, the section “Accessories” gives information on the volume of water consumed each day as well as data on the state of the soil but this requires the humidity sensor sold separately. In the different menus of the application, no feature refers to water flow adjustment : it is open or closed.

Thanks to these different functions, the tap on which the Hydro kit is located becomes connected, i.e. you can open and close the tap remotely from your smartphone, but also through voice assistants and the physical button. Beyond manual controls, it is the programming of actions that is even more interesting: the tap can open at a specific time, according to a schedule, and stop at a specific time in order toperform an action automatically.

There is also an interesting potential with the scenarios because we can start watering or not depending on the weather. For example, if there is rain, the watering can be delayed by 24 or 48 hours, which means that there is no watering if there has already been rain during the day. This information is retrieved from your geographic location and weather data.

IV. Conclusion

The Konyks Hydro kit meets a real need: automatic watering management, while providing very trendy connected functions to ensure remote management and configuration from your smartphone. All this, without removing the manual trigger function since there is the button on the Hydro Dispenser. It’s an interesting device, which is simple to use and configure: it should appeal to those who wish to automate watering during the holidays! Having a “connected plug” function on the Hydro Hub is also a nice surprise!

When you buy this kit, everything is included so you don’t have to buy an additional home automation box because this is a function already provided by the Hydro Hub. It is probably for this reason that the price may seem a little high: 99.90 euros.

Konyks Hydro

99,90 €

Good points

  • Responds to a real need
  • Simple to use
  • Watering according to a schedule and the weather
  • Range of 60 meters
  • Connected plug function as a bonus

Negative points

  • No water flow management
  • Batteries not included (a detail!)

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