LinkedIn - Lutte contre les faux profils et les cybercriminels

LinkedIn steps up its fight against fake profiles

In order to better fight against fake profiles and malicious users, the LinkedIn social network now includes three new features.

For cybercriminals, social networks are a gold mine and it is also the ideal place to spy, carry out scam attempts, distribute malware, etc. Whether on LinkedIn or on another social network, it is advisable to remain suspicious. For instance, the Lazarus hacker group used LinkedIn to approach targeted individuals using fake job postings in an effort to install malware on the victim’s workstation.

In order to fight against fake profiles and malicious uses, LinkedIn has just announced some new features. First, the social network will display more information about accounts, so that it’s easier for everyone to verify the authenticity of an account. In addition, LinkedIn wants to rely on theartificial intelligence to be proactive in its hunt for fake accounts (in particular by detecting accounts whose profile picture has been generated by an AI), but also to warn users when they have received a message that seems suspicious (this means by the way that LinkedIn must read and analyze the messages).

As the pictures show below, LinkedIn is starting to roll out a new option called “About this profile” in order to be able to verify various information: date of creation of the profile, date of modification of the profile photo, telephone number verified or not, e-mail verified or not, etc. Thanks to this section, it is possible to better analyze a profile before accepting a connection request, for example.

LinkedIn - Fight against fake profiles

From now on, if a person invites you to continue the conversation outside of LinkedIn, for example on WeChat or WhatsApp, the social network will display a warning message in the conversation. Here is an example :

LinkedIn - Suspicious Conversation Warning Message

LinkedIn unveiled these new features throughan article on his blog official.


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