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Linux kernel 5.19.12 may damage your PC screen

Many Linux users are experiencing display issues on laptops with Intel chips, after upgrading the Linux kernel to version 5.19.12. This bug could even damage the computer screen!

On laptops with an Intel GPU, Linux kernel 5.19.12 flashes users screen with white flashes. Because of this visual discomfort, the computer becomes unusable! According to Ville SyrjälLinux engineer at Intel, this bug could also damage the screen, because the problem lies in false delays in the sequencing of the power supply of the screen.

Still according to this same engineer, it is recommended to return to an earlier version of the Linux kernel: “No one using laptops with Intel GPUs should be running 5.19.2“. To believe these words, users will have to downgrade their machine, and according to the first feedback, the majority of those affected are using the Framework computer, with the Arch Linux distribution or Fedora. However, the problem is not limited to this laptop model.

Nevertheless, and this is rather good news, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the release of Linux kernel 5.19.13 to fix this display issue : for users already in 5.19.12, it will surely be better to upgrade to this new version. For example, on the Manjaro distribution, the Linux kernel will go directly from version 5.19.7 to version 5.19.13 to avoid this problem.

It is important to specify that Linux kernel version 5.19.12 is a stable release available since September 28, 2022. This explains in particular that it is deployed on many machines, even if there is a delay within certain distributions. Therefore, if you have a computer with an Intel graphics chip (Intel Graphics), you should check the kernel version before upgrading… A few days ago, Linus Torvalds announced the release of the Linux kernel 6.0.


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