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Microsoft is launching an anti-DDoS service for SMEs!

Microsoft has announced the release of a new Azure service for businesses: “Azure DDoS IP Protection”. Currently in preview version, it aims to allow SMEs to have protection against DDoS attacks within the Azure Cloud.

With the “Azure DDoS IP Protection” service, Microsoft wants SMEs to be able to benefit from protection against DDoS attacks at an affordable price. Thereby, this new service integrates the same features as Azure DDoS Network Protection to protect your resources and applications against DDoS attacks.

Azure DDoS IP Protection benefits from the following features:

  • Attack Mitigation Ability : Defend your workloads against the largest and most sophisticated attacks with cloud-scale DDoS protection, backed by Azure’s global network.
  • Adaptive Tuning : Protect your apps and assets while minimizing false negatives with adaptive tuning that leverages legitimate traffic to your app
  • Analysis, measurement and logging of attacks Monitor DDoS attacks in near real-time and respond quickly to attacks with visibility into the attack lifecycle, vectors, and mitigation process.
  • Integration with Azure Firewall Manager : Centrally manage your protection against DDoS attacks in your environment, alongside other network security services.
  • Integration with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud – Strengthen your overall security with attack analytics and telemetry built into Microsoft Sentinel and security alerts and recommendations provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Here is a comparison between the new service and the existing one (protection of a complete network):

Azure DDoS IP Protection VS DDoS Network Protection

Regarding licensing, this DDoS protection is activated by public IP address to be protected (of course I’m referring to the public IP addresses used in Azure). Therefore, if you have few public IP addresses, protection can be interesting in terms of cost. For the moment, the price is not indicated by Microsoft and on the Azure calculatorit’s indicated : “Pricing will come into effect on November 1, 2022“. Moreover, we know that the price will depend on the Azure region.

Microsoft’s announcement is available here: Blog Azure


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