Licenciement chez Microsoft - Octobre 2022

Microsoft is preparing to lay off 1,000 employees!

Even if Microsoft remains a company in very good shape with excellent results each year, this does not prevent the American company from launching a fairly large wave of layoffs since 1,000 employees are concerned.

A few months ago, Microsoft already initiated a redundancy phase, but this time it will affect a larger number of employees: 1,000, distributed in different divisions of Microsoft, including Azure, Xbox, etc. Due to the economic crisis and the resulting slowdowns, many companies are reorganizing, freezing hiring and laying off employees. The Neowin site gives some examples of large companies that have already taken the path Microsoft is heading towards: Google, Meta, Twilio and Calm.

At first it was unofficial information, but finally Microsoft quickly confirmed this bad news to the American television channel CNBC: “Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our professionals and make structural adjustments accordingly. We will continue to invest in our business and hire in key growth areas in the year ahead.

Nevertheless, the Redmond firm has not confirmed whether it was 1,000 employees, more or less. Some people currently at Microsoft have already announced their layoffs on Twitter, including longtime employees. For example, one can cite KC Lemson (Group Product Manager) and Greg Chapman (Principal Architect on Azure).



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