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Microsoft releases ready-to-use Windows 11 VMs online

If you want to test Windows 11 22H2 in a virtual machine without having to install the system, you can download the new VMs available on the Microsoft site. This is aimed especially at app developers, but anyone can benefit from it.

These virtual machines offered by Microsoft come with Windows 11 22H2 Enterprise Edition, and there is already a preconfiguration made. Indeed, Virtual Studio 2022 Community Edition is pre-installed, as is Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu, as well as Windows Terminal and developer mode is active. In total, this gives a VM of around 20 GB. Details on the contents of the VM are available on the Microsoft site.

Although it is free to download, these VMs are not totally free because you need a Windows 11 license. However, without the need to activate the system, you can use the VM as it is until January 10, 2023. Then you need to install a license key to continue enjoying the VM without time limits.

Microsoft has put online ready-to-use virtual machines for Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox and Parallels: enough to satisfy the majority of users. To download, go to this page:

If we take the example of the VM for VirtualBox, the downloaded ZIP file contains an OVA image, which makes it easy to import into VirtualBox. By the way, this image for VirtualBox is probably the same as the one for VMware because it comes with a disk in VMDK format.


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