Windows 10 et Windows 11 - Nouveau WSL disponible dans le Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store welcomes WSL for Windows 10 and Windows 11

Whether on Windows 10 or Windows 11, the “Windows Subsystem for Linux” component is now available from the Microsoft Store. This is an official announcement released by Microsoft.

As a reminder, Windows Subsystem for Linux, or WSL for short, is a Windows feature that allows you to use different Linux distributions natively. This also includes support for Linux GUI applications.

Until now, to install WSL, you had to go to Windows optional features or use the command “wsl –install” on newer versions. From now on, WSL is available in stable version through the Microsoft Store which will simplify the installation a little more: “Today, WSL in the Microsoft Store is dropping its “Preview” tag and becoming generally available with our latest release!“.

Microsoft claims what this version allows to get WSL updates faster, compared to the version that is distributed as part of Windows. So the command “wsl –install” will install WSL from the Microsoft Store from now on. If you already have WSL, you need to update it with the command “wsl –update“as the Redmond firm indicates. This will allow you to retrieve the latest version via the Store.

Whether on Windows 10 or Windows 11, WSL is available through the Microsoft Store. To benefit from the latest version of WSL, you must use a PC running Windows 10 version 21H1, 21H2, or 22H2, or Windows 11 21H2 minimum, with the latest November 2022 updates installed.

According to Microsoft, the latest version of Windows Subsystem for Linux brings 100 bug fixes and improvements. Beyond being able to activate systemd, developers have added options to facilitate mounting a VHD disc, as well as the ability to export and import more easily in this format. There is also the command “wsl –import-in-place” which allows take an existing VHDX file and save it as a distribution.

Finally, users of Windows 10 can use Linux GUI apps directly from Windows! Previously, this was a function reserved for Windows 11.


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