Windows 11 WSA - Android 13

Microsoft will upgrade WSA to Android 13

One of the main features of Windows 11, compared to other versions of Windows, is its ability to run Android apps! For about 1 month, this feature has been available in Europe, which allows France to take advantage of it. Microsoft plans to add additional features, and the American company is also working on Android 13 support.

Currently, Windows 11 supports Android apps published through the Amazon Appstore. You can also install an application from the APK file directly, using a suitable tool to install it. Even if the Google Play Store is not directly supported, this does not prevent Microsoft from upgrading “Windows Subsystem for Android”.

Indeed, the applications are able to use the network of the Windows 11 host (wired and Wi-Fi), but also to send notifications, to access the camera, the microphone, the printer , etc… And it will not stop there after the roadmap published on GitHub by Microsoft.

First of all, we can read that Microsoft plans to upgrade “Windows Subsystem for Android” vers Android 13and add other features: file transfer, picture-in-picture, shortcuts and default LAN access. Although there is no details et no datethis shows that the Redmond firm has real ambitions with regard to the support of Android applications on Windows 11.

A few days ago, a new version of Windows 11 has been released from members of the Windows Insider Program. This version (build 2209.40000.26.0) includes improvements for “Windows Subsystem for Android”, in particular to have best performancea better security (integration of the latest Linux kernel security updates and other components) and better support for cameras.

Are you using Android apps on Windows 11? What do you think ? Personally, I find that the Amazon Appstore is not yet very well supplied in terms of applications… But otherwise, it works pretty well!


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