Enorme attaque DDoS septembre 2022

New DDoS attack with a total of 25.3 billion requests

Specializing in cybersecurity, the company Imperva has published a report in which it claims to have mastered a very large DDoS attack with a total of 25.3 billion requests! This attack took place on June 27, 2022.

In his reportImperva specifies that it is a Chinese company specialized in telecommunications which was the target of this DDoS attack that would have lasted 4 hours and reached a peak estimated at 3.9 million requests per second. For a DDoS attack, 4 hours is very long. Imperva’s report states: “The attack lasted over four hours, which puts it in a specific category of attacks. According to Imperva’s DDoS Threat Landscape report, only 10.5% of attacks last between one and six hours, and most last less than fifteen minutes.

With the number of requests being sustained throughout the attack, in total there were 25.3 billion requests sent. The graph below is relatively telling.

DDoS Attack - Example - Request Per Second

This cyberattack was launched froma botnet consisting of approximately 170,000 different IP addresses ! Behind these IP addresses, hide various and varied equipment: routers, servers, security cameras, etc… Each time, these are compromised machines. In total, these public IP addresses are distributed in more than 180 countries, with a majority in the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Suffice to say that this botnet is based on machines located all over the world, including in France.

In order to be able to send as many requests, cybercriminals used multiplexing, one of the features of the HTTP/2 protocol. Thus, attackers were able to send multiple requests at once over individual connections to maximize the load on the target.

A few days ago, the Akamai company published a report after containing the largest DDoS attack Europe has seen so far, with a new record.



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