Black Friday 2022 - Nuki

Over 20% discount on the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0

If you want to take advantage of Black Friday to treat yourself to a connected lock, then this offer should be of interest to you! Nuki, the European market leader in connected locks, is offering two special offers for Black Friday 2022!

On the Nuki Amazon store, the Smart Lock 3.0 connected lock goes from 169 euro to 129 euro ! So much for the first offer. While for the second offer, it is a pack with the Smart Lock 3.0 + A Nuki WiFi bridge, which amounts to a total of 209 euros instead of 270 euros !

With the Nuki smart lock you can lock and unlock the front door of your home with your smartphone. With the Nuki app you can grant permissions to your loved ones, to your children, etc… Depending on your needs. Ideal for create a temporary authorization. The installation is scalable in the sense that you can add an opening/closing sensor on the door, as well as a keyboard on the outside (Keypad) in order to be able to unlock the front door with a confidential code (possibility to manage several codes).

To learn more about the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro connected lock, whether installation, use or possible integrations with third-party systems (Jeedom, Home Assistant, etc.), you can read our detailed test (link below). The “Pro” version integrates WiFi unlike the standard version concerned by the offer of the day, which implies having the bridge on the standard version to benefit from extended connectivity.

To view these offers, follow the links below:

Before you start buying this product, and although it is compatible with the majority of doors and locks, check that it is compatible with your front door (see the Nuki website).

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