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soon audio streaming from your mobile

The Windows 11 Connected Mobile application will soon be able to play an audio stream broadcast on your smartphone. Here’s what you need to know about this novelty.

First of all, what is the Connected Mobile application? Well, it’s the “Your Phone” application but under its new formula since it had the right to a name change and a makeover in April 2022.

This application allows you to associate your Android smartphone with your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC in order to allow interactions between the two devices. For example, you can access your smartphone photos from your PC, view notifications, but also manage your messages and receive calls.

In an effort to further improve the user experience, Microsoft is currently testing a new feature with of Windows 11 users. This function will allow you to play the audio stream broadcast by your smartphone on your PC. Enough to strengthen the link between your smartphone and your PC.

As this image posted by the Windows Latest site shows, audio streaming will need to be enabled from the Mobile Connected app settings.

Connected Mobile - Audio Streaming

This is not a function that will be reserved for owners of Samsung mobiles, as is the case with certain exclusives. Here is for everyone.

Although Microsoft has not communicated a date, this new feature should be deployed in the coming weeks via an update of the Connected Mobile application.

As for Samsung, Microsoft is working on a new exclusive. Indeed, it is the synchronization of browsing history between Samsung mobile browser and computer. Without this function, you can already set up this type of synchronization in the different browsers using the same account on the different devices (for example, a Microsoft account with Microsoft Edge).


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