Speed ​​Up WordPress With Automatic Platform Optimization Plugin

I’ve seen a problem with blog loading speed for a long time. On my machine, it opens relatively quickly due to the browser cache, but for other visitors, the speed is rather sad, which is confirmed by checking for, for example, https://gtmetrix.com:

4.3 seconds to full load – darkness.

At the bottom of the page we see the top problems:

Firstly – ah … we are surprised at the page size of 1.16 mb.

Secondly, we look at what loads the most – JS, CSS.

There are two options here – caching and returning statics, or connecting a CDN.

Or both options – cache on your side, and give statics to the CDN, not JS + CSS + images.

There are local solutions for type caching WP Super Cache.

There are options to connect the same Cloudflare – there will be a CDN, and anti-DDoS, and WAF, and many other goodies.

There is an option to use the Cloudflare plugin − Automatic Platform Optimization (APO)which will allow you to immediately cache and distribute on the CDN, and all this automatically, though it costs $ 5 per month.

Documentation – Get started with APO.


First of all, we register an account in Cloudflare, you can directly from plugin pages:

Adding a site:

We confirm the purchase of APO:

If you already have an account and the site is configured, then the plugin can be connected in Speed > Optimization:

DNS Setup

Cloudflare will check the records on the current domain name servers:

Then he will add them to his NS, and offer to change the NS at the registrar.

Now I have a domain on AWS Route 53, I need to change it to Cloudflare servers:

Before switching the domain, let’s check if Cloudflare is returning the record:

dig +short @ethan.ns.cloudflare.com rtfm.co.ua

We update the DNS at the registrar, wait a couple of minutes, click Doneif desired, pass through Quick Start:

However, these options can be configured later. For now, let’s move on to the Automatic Platform Optimization plugin.

We pass the admin panel WordPress > Plugins > Add newfind Cloudflare:

To connect the plugin, go to your account Cloudflare, My Profile > API Tokens > Create Token:

Select WordPress from the list of templates:

Let’s return to the plugin settings.

Go to Settings > Cloudflarelog in to the account using the login (mail) and API token:

You can immediately follow the recommendations – just click Applyand Cloudflare will do everything for us:

A little lower – we turn on APO itself:

Actually, that’s all.

You can once again check the speed of the blog now:

Another thing!

  • load time: was 4.3 seconds, became 2.6
  • page size: was 1.16 mb, that’s it 716 kb
  • overall rating: was D, 65%became A, 96%



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