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Submarine links impacted by an act of vandalism in Marseille

South of France. Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 10:30 p.m. A fiber optic cable was cut in Marseille, which had an impact on Internet connectivity for the inhabitants of the region, in particular for Free and SFR subscribers. But that’s not all, the giant Zscaler has also seen an impact on the lsubmarine link that provides connectivity with Europe, Asia and the United States.

Acts of vandalism are, unfortunately, very common. Following this, several thousand subscribers from Free and SFR had the unpleasant surprise of no longer having access to the Internet. As the reports the Ouest-France siteoperator Free mentioned on Twitter: “An act of vandalism on our fiber infrastructure has caused major service disruptions since last night (degradation of service and fixed/mobile bandwidth) in the Marseille region“.

For its part, the company Zscaler also opened an incident at the same time by opening an incident with the description: “We are aware of a major cable outage in the south of France which has impacted major connectivity cables with Asia, Europe, USA and potentially other parts of the world.” – Here we refer to the submarine cables that connect the different parts of the world. Because of this outage, users may have experienced packet loss and latency on some websites. Quickly, Zscaler implemented new routing rules to limit the impact of this act of vandalism.

According to the crash report, three links were impacted: Marseille-Lyon, Marseille-Milan and Marseille-Barcelona. Finally, after hours of investigating and repairing, everything returned to normal this Thursday, October 20 in the early evening.

Meanwhile, the BBC reported on a similar event in the UK which also impacted an undersea link. For this second incident, it was the link that connects the Shetland Islands to the Scottish mainland that was impacted, and it also serves to connect the Faroe Islands.

Have readers of IT-Connect noticed disruptions on the Internet between Wednesday evening and Thursday evening?



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