taxes for nubas, part 1 - introduction and opening of Mono accounts

taxes for nubas, part 1 – introduction and opening of Mono accounts

On the new project, I have to manage the accounting of my FOP myself, therefore, “Valeria! Your time has come!” – finally there is a great chance to delve into the details of running your own FOP, because before me it was done by the company’s accounting department.

Well, since it’s such a topic, and there will be enough details, I decided to start a new section on RTFM, and since the topic concerns only Ukraine and its tax system, the language of the posts in this section will be exclusively Ukrainian.

So, what we have now: I have a FOP of 3 groups, 5% tax, filing a declaration – once a quarter, plus an annual declaration. I will somehow write about groups and declarations separately, as I will submit.

By the way, Diya should have all your documents, including those on the FOP, where you can look at the details, for example – the group, because until this moment I didn’t even know it 🙂

For this, we go to Services – FOP taxesand if necessary – detailed information (you can also include closer integration with some banks, but more on that later):

UkrSib Bank vs Monobank

Regarding banks and accounts, I have a FOP account in UkrSib Bank opened a long time ago, about which there are complaints, such as operations with FOP accounts only on banking days and times, or the need to send currency for sale before 1 p.m. in order to receive funds from the sale on the same day day, not the next.

Why Mono? Because, firstly, there are instant operations on accounts, and secondly, as they say, it is much easier to perform all kinds of tax operations there, plus close integration with Diya. But, unfortunately, there is no and will not be a web face. We will get used to it. By the way, there is one Accounting officejust like WebUI, in which operations with taxes and reports should be available.

What will I do – I will open a Mono FOP in hryvnia, before it – in USD, and transfer the IBAN of the new dollar account to the accounting department of the new project.

The first compensation (a kind of substitute for the word “salary”) here will go to the old account of the FOP in Ukrsib (where I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the drawing up of new contracts, I would like to write it down separately), and all subsequent payments will go to the new Mono account.

In fact, there is nothing to write here, because like everything in Monobank, the process is quite trivial.

Type of economic activity of the FOP

The only thing worth paying attention to is the description of your activity – in general, Mono should extract it automatically, as if from Action, but you can describe it manually.

It should match yours Type of economic activity. If you do not know it, you can check it in the Single Tax Payer’s Certificate, or use such services as https://opendatabot.uaor his telebot – @OpenDataUABot:

Well, the process itself is similar to “click several times “OK, agree, let’s move on”. Unfortunately, the screens are from Russian. versions:

After opening an account in hryvnia, it will be possible to open a second account in dollars. There, the process is even simpler.

And finally, we have two accounts – a dollar account, which receives “export revenue” aka salary:

And the hryvnia, to which the hryvnia will be transferred, received from the sale of the same export proceeds, and from which you can pay taxes and transfer money to your cards:

Next, you will have to touch “FOP circulation limits”, and you will be able to start paying taxes and submitting reports.

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