taxes for nubas, part 2 - "IT-Export - receipt documents"

taxes for nubas, part 2 – “IT-Export – receipt documents”

Another story that well demonstrates how the interaction between an IT specialist and customers generally takes place.

So, money came to my FOP account in Ukrsib Bank – the first salary on a new project, after which I received a kind of “letter of happiness”:

What happened?

  • money came to the FOP account
  • the bank has no idea who sent them to me and why, but it has to report to the Tax Service in case it has questions for me (“Where did the money come from, Galya?!“)

So the bank asks me, as the owner of the bank account, to provide documents confirming that I received this money as payment for my services and that I will pay tax on it.

For this, the bank needs to send them an explanatory letter – on the basis of which the money came.

In order to eventually receive your money, you need two documents:

  • the contract with the project – it will be the basis for issuing the Invoice
  • invoice for August – it will be the basis for crediting you with money

My contract with the project looks something like this:

Name of VED

In the Agreement, it is worth paying attention to clause 1.2:

1.2. The executor is a business entity
activity as an individual with the type of activity:
consulting on informatization issues.

Because it should match yours Type of economic activity (Name of VED), which is specified for your FOP.

You can check it in the Taxpayer’s Office –

But we check VED:

Details of the parties

In addition, the Contract must specify your details, according to which (by which?) the company will charge you money, and has the right to do so exclusively in accordance with this clause:

And – it’s important – the name of the company from whose account the money came – obviously, she is must match the name of the company in the Agreement.

Second, you need to find the invoice for which you were charged money – it should be sent to you by the customer company. Mine looks like this:

Again – pay attention to the Description – it is there that the service for which you received money is indicated – and it must again match your VED.

And now, when you have found all the documents, click on Answer the request:

We attach two documents – the Agreement and the Invoice:

In the “Additional information” field – indicate:

“In response to “IT-Export – documents to be received NNNN.73 USD 31.08.2022″, we inform you that the funds have been received as payment according to contract No. NNNN dated 08.22.2022. We provide the documents together with the answer.”

That is, we explain to the bank – on the basis of which you received the money.

In Monobank, all this seems to be somehow easier, at least after the first salary to the Mono account, no one wrote to me, everything was processed automatically:

And pay attention to SWIFT Code – MT103 – it turns out that there is a whole system, see MT103.

By the way, when I changed the FOP account from Ukrsib to Mono, I had to sign an addendum to the main Agreement with the Project, in which new details were specified – it is on the basis of it that the Project can continue to make transfers.

Kudos to the Tax Service of Ukraine!))

Різне,ФОП та податки,податки,ФОП,

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