Test Delta Dore Easy Bulb E27CW

Test Delta Dore Easy Bulb E27CW

I. Presentation

In this test, I’m going to tell you about a new connected object from Delta Dore, and more specifically a connected light bulb! The Easy Bulb E27CW model belongs to the new Easy range from Delta Dore!

It is compatible exclusively with the two new boxes for connected homes: Tydom Home (box version) and Tydom Pro (electrical panel version). I recommend that you read my article about the new Tydom Home box. For its bulbs in the Easy range, Delta Dore offers a single price: 34.90 euros per bulb, whether for a bulb in E27, E14 or GU10 format. In this article, it is the model in E27 format that is presented.

These bulbs communicate with the Tydom box thanks to the protocole Zigbee 3.0, which ensures a range of approximately 30 meters (radio signal). Its Zigbee 3.0 compatibility means that it can be used with other boxes compatible with this protocol, and not necessarily a Delta Dore box. Daily use is carried out with the physical switch, the Tydom application (Android / iOS) as well as the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

II. Discovery of the Easy bulb from Delta Dore

On the box of the Easy bulb, I appreciated that there was a lot of technical information! Beyond learning that it belongs to energy class F (normal for a connected bulb, because it always consumes a minimum of electricity), we learn a lot of interesting things:

  • 16 million colors + warm white and cool white (range 1800K to 6500K)
  • Lighting angle: 360°
  • 806 lumens
  • Power consumption of 8.5 watts in operation
  • Consumption less than 0.5 watts in connected standby (ready to receive an order from the Tydom box)
  • 25,000 hour operating life
  • On/off 50,000 times
  • Format E27
  • Protocole radio : Zibgee 3.0

In the box, we find the Easy bulb as well as a manual in several languages. The Delta Dore bulb itself is of good quality and it fits easily into a lamp compatible with E27 bulbs, or on a ceiling light. The CE marking is present.

III. Getting started with the Delta Dore Easy bulb

A. Connection to the Tydom box

From the application, you must connect to their home to add new equipment. This process is done in a few very simple steps: just let yourself be guided. After choosing the type of equipment to add, a wizard adapted to this equipment launches into the application. In less than two minutes, it’s done! When adding a device for the first time, there is an additional step which is to create a Zigbee network.

Once the device has been added, it can be found in the list of its equipment. It’s a pity that following the addition, it’s not directly proposed to rename the new equipment, in this case the Easy bulb, because it’s an almost obligatory action to navigate when you have several connected objects. However, it is possible in a second time from the menus of the application. In addition, a function makes it possible to locate the bulb by making it flash.

B. Daily use of the Easy Bulb

Without going into the management of the bulb, you can access a few actions to turn it on, off or manage the intensity of the lighting. Then, if we select the bulb, you access the color chart to choose a specific color, playing on the saturation, to find the color corresponding to your desires. We can do the same to get White cold or White hot. The intensity of the lighting is managed with a simple slide of the finger down or up to decrease or increase the intensity. There is no mood system, such as a mode “lecture“or a mode”concentration“as you can find at Philips Hue, for example.

When you change the state of the bulb, it’s very reactive. It’s appreciated. I haven’t noticed any latency, and that’s good, because otherwise it could be annoying to use. The spread of light is also very good: the 360 ​​degree lighting angel is important. On some competing models, we are more on 200° and the rendering is not the same. Here are some examples.

In addition, we can use the photo mode, but also create scenarios and program actions.

First, the photo mode. It consists of taking a photo of the bulb in its environment (like here, in my office) in order to position an icon corresponding to this equipment on the photo. Thereby, in the application if you press the light bulb directly on the photowe are redirected to the management of this equipment!

As far as routines are concerned, there are scenarios on the one hand and programming on the other. A scenario is triggered from the smartphone while the programming makes it possible to plan actions that will be triggered automatically. For instance :

  • From Monday to Friday, turn on the light bulb in the office in green, 20 minutes after sunset (or at a specific time)
  • Create a scenario to turn on the light bulb in the office in blue with an intensity of 75% (it will be enough to press the “Play” button in the application)

Here, we are talking about a single piece of equipment, but several pieces of equipment can be included in the same routine.

IV. Conclusion

The Easy Bulb connected bulb from Delta Dore is of very good quality! The lighting is good, and the bulb will be able to illuminate a room such as an office or a bedroom without any problem. The color reproduction is good, and having both warm whites and cold whites is an asset to meet a maximum of needs and desires.

Finally, my only regret is that there are no predefined scenes / atmospheres in the application (in return you can create your own scenarios). Second remark: the fact that it is not proposed to rename the bulb following its initial integration.

Bulbs from the Easy range from Delta Dore are now on the market at a price of 34.90 euros each! There are cheaper, but also worse on the market, but there are also more expensive (especially the Philips Hue range).

Delta Dore Easy Bulb E27CW

34,90 €

Manufacturing quality


Lighting quality / power


Device initialization


Application / configuration


Good points

  • Very good lighting (360°)
  • Colors, warm white and cool white
  • Integration into routines
  • Voice assistant compatible

Negative points

  • No predefined scenes

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