Test Delta Dore Easy Plug E16EM

Test Delta Dore Easy Plug E16EM

I. Presentation

In this test, I’m going to tell you about a new connected object from Delta Dore: a connected plug corresponding to the Easy Plug E16EM model. This connected object is part of the Easy range from Delta Dore, launched just a few months ago.

This connected socket operates in Zigbee 3.0 and it is compatible exclusively with the two new connected home boxes from Delta Dorenamely the Tydom Home (housing version) and the Tydom Pro (version for electrical panel). Nevertheless, and it is important to specify this, the fact that it is Zigbee 3.0 compatible means that it can be used with other compatible boxes, and not necessarily a Delta Dore box.

The Easy Plug connected plug from Delta Dore is sold at a price of 44.90 euros. Daily use is carried out with the button located on the top of the socket, the Tydom application (Android / iOS) as well as the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This version is completely adapted to the French market!

II. Discovery of the Easy connected plug from Delta Dore

Reading the various information on the box of the Delta Dore connected socket, we learn a lot about the characteristics:

  • Maximum power: 16A – 3680 Watts
  • Alimentation : 100-240V – 50-60 Hz
  • Internal use only
  • Protocole radio : Zibgee 3.0
  • Dimensions : 79,6 (H) x 67,9 (L) x 72 (P) mm

There is something else that we learn and which is very important, it is the fact that we can monitor consumption ! This also explains why the price is quite high: there are much cheaper sockets on the market, but without consumption monitoring.

The plastic shell of the socket is very clean, with nice finishes. There is a good quality of assembly. Delta Dore is used to delivering quality products. White in color, it will be suitable for all rooms, especially since electrical outlets generally have a white plastic cover. This connected socket meets the CE standard and incorporates an Earth socket (see photos below). The button on the top of the socket is used to turn it on or off manually.

III. Getting started with the Delta Dore Easy connected plug

A. Connection to the Tydom box

Integration into its Delta Dore installation is done from the Tydom application, by selecting its accommodation and then adding new equipment. First, you must connect the socket and then launch the wizard in the application.

Delta Dore Easy Plug E16EM - Lifestyle

A few steps are enough to associate the connected socket with your Tydom box. The button on the top of the connected socket is used to switch the device to association mode. Subsequently, this physical button is used to turn the socket on or off without unplugging it from the wall. When the socket is on, there is blue backlight, otherwise, the button is off.

Once the connected plug is added to its installation, we can start using it. At the end of the initialization phase, it is not proposed to rename the connected socket, which I find unfortunate (reproach already made in my article on the connected bulb). However, it can be done in a second step in the configuration of the device.

B. Daily use of the smart plug

When you enter the “Plug” section of the application, you have an overview of its different connected plugs. For each take, there is a widget with the name, the consumption in Watts (“a live“), as well as two buttons to turn the socket on or off. If we go into the details of the Delta Dore connected socket, we find an on/off button, as well as consumption at the top.

Note : in the application, the advanced settings and the option to change the name of the device are not located in the same place as the user interface of the connected plug itself. It’s a shot to take with the Tydom application.

When it comes to advanced features, we have the sections “Photos” et “Routines“, as well as consumption history.

The section “Photo” allows you to take a picture of the connected socket in its environment andadd on the photo an action button corresponding to this take. Thus, to control this connected socket and the other connected objects of your installation, you can act on photos directly. A rather nice (and original!) mode.

The section “Routine” allows you to create scenarios and program actions. For example, you can create a routine to automatically turn off the socket every evening at 11 p.m.except on Saturday and Sunday: this type of automatic action is a good way to turn off some devices completely and to do savings on your electricity bill. Thus, a standby device will be completely cut off as if it were disconnected.

We can imagine many useful and practical scenarios : switch on/off the lighting of the Christmas tree, the aquarium pump, etc… Or for simulate a presence during a long absence!

The latest version of the Tydom application provides access to a consumption history by day, with hour-by-hour detail, as well as by week, month and year. This brings real added value! Depending on the view chosen, there is also a total consumption expressed in Wh which is indicated.

In this article, I mainly talk about the connected socket, but a routine can act on several devices of different types. The Tydom application also allows management by group, which saves time when you want to switch several sockets on or off at the same time.

IV. Conclusion

The new connected plug from Delta Dore is a great success: the device itself has beautiful finishes and the list of features offered is satisfactory. Without the consumption history, I would have been clearly disappointed, but this is not the case. Having consumption monitoring is a real tool for trying to reduce consumption, because you can see if it is effective or not (by automatically turning off a device every night, for example).

The only complaint I want to make is that it’s not possible to turn off the backlight on the physical button on the jack. Admittedly, it allows you to know whether the socket is activated or not, but in a bedroom, the backlighting can be annoying. A detail, but it is noted.

As I said in the introduction, the Easy Plug connected plug from Delta Dore is sold at a price of 44.90 euros.

Delta Dore Easy Plug E16EM

44,90 €

Package et design


Ease of use


Value for money


Good points

  • Nice finish
  • Detailed consumption tracking
  • Integration into routines
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • A real tool to save energy

Negative points

  • None… Except the fact that we can’t manage the backlighting of the button

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