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iPad mini fans are already missing the miniature models that haven’t been updated since 2013. But a year ago everything changed. Apple presented a luxurious novelty. Its main features are a quick brain, improved cameras and a screen with the latest Apple Pencil feature.

iPad Mini is the best choice for compact tablet lovers

Users who need a small tablet have always made the decision to buy the iPad Mini. But for several seasons, the younger “apple” tablet was out of the attention of the creators. The older representatives of the iPad Air and iPad Pro series have been constantly improved. The creators came up with a fresh filling for them, pleased with the modern design, and the mini-format model remained the same.

The iPad Mini 2021 is based on the A15 Bionic chipset, which immediately improves the performance of the device. Updates also affected other aspects of the device. Improved and expanded support for the stylus, improved the quality of the camera.

iPad Mini buy in Moscow

Design nuances

iPad Mini is the smallest model with an 8.3-inch display. With a sleek design, it visually resembles the current iPad Air and iPad Pro. The creators abandoned too thick frames, removed the Home key, but left the fingerprint scanner.

In the AppleGod store, you can buy iPad Mini any color: pink, space gray, shining star or purple.

Software Features

The developers of the miniature model focused on multitasking. The choice of applications has been simplified as much as possible. In the new menu, they are displayed immediately on the screen. And e-mail opens in parallel with the multi-window mode. Now you can create different groups of windows while maintaining their order and quickly switch from one to another.

The difference between the operating system in accelerated switching between applications that are running. Now you have access to the application library that appeared last season on the iPhone.

Wireless Capabilities

A practical 64 GB iPad Mini model with Wi-Fi support in Moscow can be bought at an affordable price in the AppleGod store. The price of the original equipment is affordable, and the quality is excellent. The speed of the device with two antennas is higher than that of previous models. The tablet is equipped with a radio module that supports a wide range of frequencies and bands. The function provides him with a connection to the networks of different countries around the world.

Camera features

The camera was supplemented with a new mode. It can follow a moving subject. The function is necessary for video conferencing. There is an excellent work of the main camera, especially if you need to quickly shoot something very important.

Summing up

A convenient mini-format tablet attracts with its modern design, high performance and stylus support. The device has good autonomy, excellent speakers and cameras. You can buy a powerful iPad Mini on the site https://applegod.ru/. Come in, study the characteristics, choose the required amount of memory, the color you like and place an order.


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