Cyberattaque - Département Seine-et-Marne

The Department of Seine-et-Marne victim of a cyberattack

After the Town Hall of Caen then the Department of Seine-Maritime last September and October, it is the turn of the Department of Seine-et-Marne to be the victim of a cyberattack! The list of local authorities affected by computer attacks continues to grow.

According to the official press releasethis computer attack took place Sunday, November 6. Following this incident described as “large-scale cyberattack“, the IT services of the Department of Seine-et-Marne are paralyzed. As a direct consequence, all services are impactedas the press release states:The Department’s services are severely disrupted. The community is fully mobilized to deploy a public service continuity plan.

To analyze and restore services as quickly as possible, the Department of Seine-et-Marne’s IT department is working in collaboration with a team from Orange Cyberdéfense as well as ANSSI (National Information Systems Security Agency). Even if for the moment there does not seem to be a ransom demand, a complaint has been filed.

For the moment, analyzes are underway in order to understand what happened, but also to restore IT services as soon as possible. “A first phase of identifying corrupted systems is currently underway to assess the damage, limit the consequences of this attack and restore our ability to act. The community was forced to cut its networks in order to protect the data and isolate its information system.” – A delay of 6 weeks is mentionedwhich brings us to December.

This attack also impacts 14 departmental solidarity centres, and now the 5,000 territorial agents must adapt to provide the various services while waiting for the IT to be operational again.

To believe that cyberattacks are gradually moving towards the east of France…



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