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The Department of Seine-Maritime hit by a cyberattack

The Department of Seine-Maritime is the victim of a computer attack, and according to the official press release, it would be a large-scale attack. Let’s do a check in.

After the Town Hall of Caen a few days ago, it is the turn of the department of Seine-Maritime to be the victim of a cyberattack! Following this security incident, the Department specifies: “it was decided to completely cut off the networks of the Department to isolate, secure and sanctuary the community“. Inevitably, the impact is strong at the level of public services since they now operate in degraded mode.

On reading the press release, we quickly understand that all dematerialized procedures are blocked until further notice. For example, this is the case for the procedures associated with the Departmental House for Disabled Persons. For some services, it is possible to submit a request in paper format: the return to the traditional format has become a classic when there is a cyberattack. Then, we will have to wait for the return of computer tools to transcribe the information from the paper forms. Credit card payments are also impactedin particular within the museums of the Department.

All measures are implemented to assess the damage, protect user data and restore our ability to act“, specifies the Department. For this, external actors provide valuable assistance to the Department’s teams, in particular theTRAP. At the same time, a complaint was filed following this cyberattack.

For now, we do not know the origin and nature of this attack: is it ransomware or another malicious strain? Has there been exfiltrated data? When will the various services be online again? These questions remain unanswered for the moment. No cybercriminal group appears to have claimed responsibility for this attack.

The official press release is available on the Department’s website: cyberattack.

Good luck to the teams of the Department of Seine-Maritime!


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