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The DuckDuckGo browser available in beta on macOS!

The DuckDuckGo browser is starting to land on platforms other than mobile: a beta version is available for macOS! This version is accessible to everyone, unlike the closed beta version launched last April.

DuckDuckGo is above all a search engine that wants to respect privacy, in the same spirit as the French Qwant. On mobile, there is already a DuckDuckGo browser to improve the experience. On desktop, this is missing… And to take advantage of the DuckDuckGo search engine, you must make this choice yourself by configuring your browser.

For several months, we have known that DuckDuckGo is working on a browser for computers: this has materialized with the release of a public beta version on macOS. This browser provides several interesting functions, activated by default, to protect the user. For instance, it automatically blocks trackers from different sites : by blocking the loading of the tracker itself.

That’s not all, because it manages the famous cookie management banners for you. So, no, it does not accept all cookies stupidly: it performs the configuration for you so as to access the site while finding the best possible configuration to protect your privacy. Regarding the use of YouTube, the DuckDuckGo browser integrates the “Duck Player”an in-browser player that allows distraction-free video playback, while protecting you from targeted ads and cookies.

The browser DuckDuckGo for macOS does not rely on Chromium like many others. Him, it uses WebKit like Safari does. Thanks to this relevant choice, the DuckDuckGo browser is much less greedy. According to the first tests, it is 60% less greedy than Chromewhile being faster.

Perhaps enough to question the ranking mentioned in the article below in the months to come…

To test DuckDuckGo on macOS, it’s here: DuckDuckGo – Mac


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